OHSAS or also known as Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are being implemented globally. It composes of plans, practices and policies of any companies for handling and managing occupational health and safety matters. This system can adapt to any requirements and needs of the company, assuming that every company has a unique health and safety hazards in their line of work.


Being ISO 9001 Course in Scotland  certified only proves that the company were able to meet all the legal requirements and at the same time, has safe and secure environment to do business. There are various benefits of having certification in OHSAS and these include: 


Number 1. Creating a workplace that has low risk of professional diseases and/or accidents. Companies that have adopted such standard is striving for 0 work related accidents as well as professional diseases. Such standard is providing framework in terms of identifying the occupational health and safety hazards while trying to diminish the risk associated to it. OHSAS 18001 training course in Scotland is providing the right tools in identifying these dangers while enhancing the awareness of employees regarding the risks of their work.


Number 2. Implementing standards will reduce the rates of accidents in significant extent. Not only that, it is going to improve accident reporting as well as post accident processes which include monitoring, damage control and accident investigation. These then means a huge decrease in insurance costs and accident costs as well.


Number 3. Demonstrating that the firm is committed and devoted to having an effective policy in terms of health and safety. Companies that have shown that they are prioritizing health and safety only indicate that they do value their employees by trying to protect them by all means.


Number 4. Improving investor satisfaction and reputation in the general public. By having safety policies that are compliant to such standard, it instantly improves the credibility and image of the company among its clients and partners. A serious and big accident resulted by improper safety practices can negatively affect the image and brand of the company in the general market.



Number 5. Enables the company to acquire a huge advantage over its market. By ensuring compliance and legislative awareness at the same time, it can prove that the company has effective safety management practices which is valued the most in the market. With such, it allows them to pull in more investors and attract more customers to do business with them. To know more ideas about health and safety, just visit